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Tiny Cube Jump

Tiny Cube Jump

by Mobiman

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No more boredom for you!

Are you good at platformer games? Would you like to test your reflexes in a high-paced and highly addictive tapping game? How about improving your focus and reflexes in a challenging hurdle jump platform?

Fold your sleeves, sit down and pump up focus to use your reflexes and win in this highly challenging yet addictive game. Whether you want to get rid of boredom while staying in your home or simply want to hone your precision reflexes while having fun, the boredom killer jumping game is the best option for you. From intuitive user controls to stunning graphics and background music, this game is all about keeping you at your toes so you can learn how to manage challenges easily! Try it now.

The new game is designed for players of all ages – be it kids, teenagers or adults. You will take on the responsibility of a cute cube as it attempts to reach the other end of the platform by jumping. You can tap on the up arrow to jump from one platform the next platform. Collect as many gems and rewards as you can while you move up in the levels to get a better score every time you play the game.

Tap Tap to Go Up in the level

No need to twitch your fingers as you attempt to solve the game! The game has smooth and easy tapping controls. You can use the left and right arrow to change the direction of the cube to find the sweet spot to press the up arrow to jump and reach next platform. Tap as quickly as precisely as you can to go far up in the level in minimum time! Beware of the hurdle jump platforms and gun shots.

How to play Tiny Cube Jump – Cube Survival Hop Jump
• Download and launch the cube jumper game
• Tap on the play icon to start the platformer games
• Tap tap to go up or change direction in the hurdle jump level
• Collect stars and gems in the boredom killer
• Go as far as you can and earn points
• Tap, jump and have fun!

Features of Tiny Cube Jump – Cube Survival Hop Jump

• Simple and easy platformer games design and layout
• Highly intuitive app layout with friendly UI/UX
• Smooth tap tap controls to move up in the levels
• Go up on different platforms without falling down
• Collect as much of the gems and stars as you can in cube jumper game
• Single tap pause/play and restart game settings
• Cute and appealing graphics feature angry and cute jumper icons
• Practice your hurdle jump skills to improve your reflexes and precision
• Boost your score without falling down or getting hit by a bullet
• Random and pre-arranged challenges for a thrilling and addictive gaming action
• Interactive background music and cool sound effects
• Use up arrow to jump and left/right arrow to change direction

Are you ready to play one of the most intense and highly addictive platformer games? If yes, the hurdle jump game is here for you. Download and play Tiny Cube Jump – Cube Survival Hop Jump today!

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