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Troll Man

Troll Man

by AmaGame

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This brain-twisting click and point puzzle adventure is full of fun and hilarious prank 


Troll Man:Hero Never Fail is a brain teaser full of slapstick jokes and pranks. No logic is required to solve the wackiest and maddest point and click puzzles. And You should not treat them too seriously. The quirky and quick brainteasers will have you laugh the way through hilarious pranks and jokes with a fresh twist. Please enjoy the black humors


There are 20+ funny and hilarious game levels for Troll Man:Hero Never Fail. Each level is full of fun and black humors, you should take some exploration to solve the funny puzzles or pranks. Be attention to every possible clue and bold attempt in the shadow, or you should be more likely to fail the challenge. Please remember, This game was designed to be interesting and relaxing , Do not use fixed ideas,  do open your mind. so to make the funny troll man embarrassing.


The main character, Hero henry is kind hearted and  eager to help other stickmans. But things are not always what you want, he’s kind hearted always come up with very embarrassing situation and humorous result. But the machine man always keep a smile face for other’s revenge.


Features of Troll man:

-  Grate graphics, and smooth gaming experience

-  A click and point puzzle game

-  A trollface funny game

-  Well-designed pranks full of black humors

-  Funny, tricky and hilarious gameplay.


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