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White Collar Wolves Robbery

08 Aug 2022 Game Of The Day

White Collar Wolves Robbery

by Enagames

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  • White Collar Wolves Robbery

This season, Embark a journey into the dark side of the corporate world, in one of the best role-playing point and click type room-escape game in a story-driven narrative.

Game Story:
Kruegar is the owner of a multinational bank. One day, he nearly escaped an assassination attempt from a sniper's bullet. Upon realizing his mistake of letting his enemies grow unchecked, He hired two young professional robbers to loot his enemy's illegal stashes across the world. The young robber's start to find more details about their employer and his mighty empire. As the plot thickens, the robber's find details about Kruegar's ex-employees, their stories and also the person who tried to assassinate him and why...

- Find out who is a real villain and his motive in a thrilling role-playing
escape game
- where you will have to Rob banks
- Breakout friends from prison
- Hack and break into international police and military Headquarters
- Steal from submarines, dangerous mines, hidden bunkers in the
south pole.
- In a way, save the world...

Game Features :
- Unique 230 riddling puzzles
- Over 101 adventurous levels.
- Fun for all ages and Genders
- Easy and Fun to play.
- Real Challenge for a Master
- Leaderboards Enabled
- Earn from daily missions and Treasure Chest
- Exciting Gameplays

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