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Wild Elephant Family Simulator

05 May 2019 Game Of The Day

Wild Elephant Family Simulator

by sara taylor

  • Wild Elephant Family Simulator
  • Wild Elephant Family Simulator
  • Wild Elephant Family Simulator
  • Wild Elephant Family Simulator
  • Wild Elephant Family Simulator

Get ready for new wild adventure and explore the elephant life!

Begin your wild safari jungle adventure as a young elephant and explore the jungle to survive while playing wild elephant family simulator. Search food for your energy and drink water to survive in the wildlife. Try yourself as a giant young elephant and beat your rivals in the jungle as well as the city. 

Giant elephant survival is a thrilling game for all wild animals’ game lovers and jungle survival simulator. Build your clan and increase African elephant breed in this savanna jungle family sim. Find your mate and protect from angry animals like a wild lion. 

Enter in the grand city and destroy everything which comes in your way to save your child as well as a pretty mate from these bad predators. Introducing a brand new monotonous weather system with unique storms, clouds, and celestial movement. 

Unlock different entertaining missions with the help of your surviving herd techniques. Save your child who is stuck in the mud and clean him with the help of water. The objective of the game is wildlife survival and power. Improve your skills the more you play to improve your chances of survival with your family.

Key Features:

• Explore the life of a giant elephant in the African jungle
• RPG-style gameplay: level up, evolve, complete quest
• Select the color for your animal you want
• Realistic elephant games animations with fantasy 3D city

Be a giant wild elephant foot stamp and rule over the jungle with your lovely family while playing wild elephant simulator. Many users suggested us to adding family members, pack hunting, etc. Stay tuned, we are working on it! Some wild animal’s hunter traps your baby elephant as well as your lovely mate and takes them to the grand city. 

Survive as long as you can in the dark jungle with your beautiful family. Maintain your Bigfoot elephant’s health, energy and hunger rate by eating banana, drink water, etc. Explore wilderness in African dark forest and survive at all costs paying this angry elephant in 3D.

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