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Eywamedia Innovations

Eywamedia Innovations

by eywamedia

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Eywamedia - the leading digital advertising company is a multi-award winning futuristic cross-screen audience engagement and experiences venture. We are headquartered in Singapore along with a global presence in the USA, UK, Germany, Australia, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.

Eywamedia has introduced its unique platform called "ADTARBO" through which one can understand audience consumption patterns, engage them in real-time, create an experience strategy, and finally create attribution.

What we offer our clients:
1. Realtime exchange
2. Data Management exchange
3. Enrich customer data
4. Cloud telephony exchange
5. Footsparq Beacon & Footsparq Camera

Our online marketing services help your digital transformation across Online and Offline channels to deliver great results. This helps in superior Customer Engagement that will result in growth.

Why us?

1. 150+ Billion Monthly Impressions
2. Upto 1 Billion Monthly Mobile Reach
3. 800,000+ Mobile Publishers, App Developers and Data Management Platform (DMP)
4. Advanced Inventory Quality Tools & Dashboards
5. Engagement & Experience using single Platform across online and offline – TV, Radio, Cinema, Print, Billboards, App, Social, Stores, etc.,
6. Fast & Simple Integration

With all the digital services provided by Eywamedia, businesses can now measure the advertising impact more precisely.

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