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Design Nominees

Art Direction

  • NETDIVER form South Korea

    * Full of cute characters and beautiful background illustrations! * For enhancing children’s reasoning ability and sensitivity! * Enjoy this exciting and educational puzzle through Underground world, underwater, ground, sky, and space! Whenever you have any questions, please contact us! Our representative email address is kidsyam@kidsyam.com.

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  • Excellent Dynamics form Ukraine

    I’m a designer, web developer and founder of Excellent Dynamics For a long time, I’ve worked as a solo practitioner, helping people with their WordPress projects, creating custom themes and plugins from scratch, moving large sites from one server to another, managing multisite networks and doing other interesting projects. Excellent Dynamics There are thousands of themes out there and many of them promise to solve all your problems at once. There is nothing wrong with it as long as the market demands such themes. But, I believe there is a better approach. A perfect theme should be unique, design-driven, and tailored to a specific niche. This means less design (in a good way), less code, less customization, and more freedom for actually creating content and reaching your audience. You shouldn’t spend three hours drag-and-dropping the layout before launching your website. Instead, you should install a theme, make a couple of tweaks, and start adding your posts and pages. Those are the kind of themes I’m building here.

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  • Wibicom form Belgium

    Wibicom is a creative communication agency located in Brussels and specialized in digital communication and corporate's identity.

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  • Motore-Mentale form Italy

    A family of games: Social, Multiplayer and Multi Platform! The goal we set ourselves is to allow anyone to play together with friends with whom he shares the same passion for games, regardless of the phone or computer in use.

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  • PopArt Studio form Serbia

    PopArt Studio is a web design agency specialized in creating unique WordPress themes for web presentations and e-shops. The team of well-versed designers, software engineers, and marketing experts is everything that one brand might need for a product launch and various digital campaigns. Having experience in many different industries give us the opportunity to push the boundaries and grow clients’ businesses by mastering the creation of their online presence.

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  • Tenten: Digital Agency for Pioneering Brands form Taiwan

    Tenten Creative is an award-winning design & digital agency based in Taipei, Taiwan working with ambitious leaders to launch innovative ideas and transform businesses using technology, marketing solutions, and design thinking.

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  • The VL Studios form U.S.A.

    New York-based digital design and marketing boutique focused on online brand building in the digital landscape, from design to brand marketing.

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  • eszett grafikstudio form Germany

    Werbeagentur Bremen

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  • Michele Tenaglia form Italy

    I am a graphic designer, web designer and illustrator from Italy. I love typography, vintage style and details.

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  • Website Gallery List form U.S.A.

    Website Gallery List is the most popular and up to date listing to the highest PageRank website design directories & css gallery platforms.

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  • Bfor\comunicazione visiva form Italy


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