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Design Nominees

Art Direction

  • Dmitrii Lagunov form Georgia

    I’m a digital designer who is designing products with simplicity in mind and committed to make the world easier to use. I strive to focus on design as the primary tool of user interaction in each point of contact which helps to ensure the integrity of brand perception, increases involvement and stimulates growth.

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  • Oh Ira form Thailand

    Art-director I Graphic design I Branding I Web design Tilda

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  • ID Studio Web Agency form United Kingdom

    ID Studio is a London based web design agency that create experiences that transform & accelerate brands across the web.

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  • Eduardo Sully form Brazil

    Trabalho profissionalmente como Designer desde 2008. Em todas as minhas experiências profissionais sempre vi o usuário como peça chave do que fazemos. A forma como as pessoas lidam com situações e suas decisões. Minha experiência passa por uma variedade de atuações, Designer gráfico, Diretor de Arte, Front-End e UX Designer, sempre ajudando os negócios a ter uma perspectiva mais humana, centrado no usuário e com design refinado. Projeto e crio experiências agradáveis e úteis aos usuários da web, com amor e dedicação. Tenho desejo e um grande prazer em melhorar as coisas para as pessoas. Acredito que design específico, detalhado e performático seguido de usabilidade funcional torna a experiência de usuários mais eficaz. Web, UX, UI e FrontEnd. --- Working professionally as a designer since 2008. In all my professional experiences I have always seen you as a key part of what we do. The way people deal with situations and decisions. My experience goes through a variety of performances, Graphic Designer, Art Director, Front End and UX Designer, always helping businesses to have a more human perspective, user-centric and refined design. Design and create pleasant experiences and useful to web users, with love and dedication. I desire and a great pleasure to make things better for people. I believe that specific design, detailed and performative followed by functional usability makes it the most effective user experience. Web, UX, UI and FrontEnd.

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  • Blaze Type form France

    Our aim is to design, produce and distribute beautiful typefaces which will age gracefully and provide incredible functionality over their years of use in what we think is the most fair way possible for each parties. We dedicate our time to the design of innovative retail typefaces for our own Type Catalogue and to the design of custom typefaces for diverse clients. We don’t distribute our fonts anywhere else but here. We consider typefaces not only as softwares but also as tools. Therefore, we produce complex font-family with a wide set of glyphs and alternates. Our tools should be used in a fair and flexible way without limitation, as such we offer a very flexible desktop/web licensing which allow our clients to benefit fully from our products on any amount of projects they want: whether they be printed, digital or broadcasting. If you had to buy a hammer, you should be allowed to use it as much as you want, on whatever you want, wouldn’t you agree? Buying a typeface should be easy. As such, each of our fonts will always cost the same price. We want you to be able to choose exactly which product you want. You can select multiple fonts of your liking and you will be granted a very interesting discount when you desire to work with more than one of our products (the more you get, the bigger the discount). In this digital era where distributing a software is as simple as copying it from one workstation to the other we believe reimplementing the idea of a Typeface as a sort of “hardware” is a way of questioning the whole idea of digital distribution and adding another layer of beauty and uniqueness to a font design.

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  • B2Bdesign.net form Ukraine

    My name is Alexander. I am UI / UX / Web & Identity designer with 12+ years of work experience. I specialize on digital UI/UX and branding solutions. I love to create awesome animated interfaces with WOW effect. Interested in a remote work as a freelancer. Have a new interesting project? — Feel free to pitch your story at 1b2bdesigner@gmail.com

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  • Artmakerz form Brazil

    Artmakerz is a digital agency focused on providing services to startups.

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  • Quart Creative Agency form Romania

    creative boutique with a different point of view

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  • Grey Ooi form Malaysia

    Freelancer, Hybrid Web Designer

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  • Rinikulous Games form Canada

    Two guys (@rinikulous and @staticsteven) following their passion for creating mobile game experiences. Creators of Lonely Sun | Hyper Beam (coming soon)

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  • Colin Simpson Design form U.S.A.

    I am a coastal dwelling UX designer from San Diego who helps elevate experiences for big and small brands alike. I love creating polished designs and engaging interactions. I have a traditional design background with the technical chops for today's demanding user.

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