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Design Nominees

Game Development

  • FRANTS form Russia

    FRANTS is an Association of like — minded professionals who believe in technology and design. In technology, as a way and opportunity to competently implement the idea and immerse the person in a new experience. In design, both function, tool and art. FRANTS. NEW EXPERIENCE IN DIGITAL.

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  • KidDotCo form

    We are not like any ordinary Robots. We understand that projects aren’t just about churning out work that looks nice, there is more to it than that. We believe every job is unique and unlike normal robots, we put real heart in to everything we do.

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  • NETDIVER form South Korea

    * Full of cute characters and beautiful background illustrations! * For enhancing children’s reasoning ability and sensitivity! * Enjoy this exciting and educational puzzle through Underground world, underwater, ground, sky, and space! Whenever you have any questions, please contact us! Our representative email address is kidsyam@kidsyam.com.

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  • MAD Entertainment form India

    Hello, I am Monish H. Vyas founder of MAD Entertainment. I am a Unity game developer and I make games. I have developed games for various platforms like ios, android and web. I started developing for web while learning Unity and later I published my games on Google Play Store. I also develop game templates and put them to sell on various market places, but most of them can be found on Game Gorillaz. Happy Gaming..!! Monish H. Vyas MAD Entertainment

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  • Mohammed ujjainwala form India

    I love to make apps and games

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  • Mobisoft Labs form India

    Creator of magnificent iPhone/iPad Apps in various categories and serve the best iOS Applications.

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  • GreenSnow Games form

    GreenSnow Games is a game development Studio located in Moscow, Russia. Since 2011 the Studio has released 11 mobile applications. Studio's crew has high professional qualifications and experience in animation, film production, media, advertising and IT industry. All of us, without exception, are the big fans of the GameDev!

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  • Skedlab form

    We are a team of dedicated developers working on cool and helpful projects.

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  • BL4CKL00P form Morocco

    At BL4CKL00P, we design and develop apps and games for the Andoird platform. Through persistence and commitment, we try to provide our valuable users with a great experience throughout our work !

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