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Design Nominees

Game Development

  • Trafalgar Soft form

    Trafagar Soft is a mobile apps company , this page dedicate for our fan who like our game, ask about tips , problem , etc.

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  • Rinikulous Games form Canada

    Two guys (@rinikulous and @staticsteven) following their passion for creating mobile game experiences. Creators of Lonely Sun | Hyper Beam (coming soon)

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  • myriproductions form U.S.A.

    This website showcases MyriProductions work and information.

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  • Tembo Entertainment form Bangladesh

    Tembo Entertainment is an Indie Game Development Company located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Tembo’s games bring in the fresh feel in the wave of casual everyday game playing. Their talented creative team looks into user’s choices carefully catering games into new versatile dimension. Tembo’s intention is to keep its users entertained with every game they publish for all major platforms.

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  • Fingergun Labs form United Kingdom

    Fingergun Labs is an independent mobile game and app studio based in London, UK. We are committed to making innovative and entertaining games that pull the trigger in mobile.

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  • Gvizdon form Russia

    I am an independent developer. Since 2014 i am developing android games, and hope that my games is greate! The idea of creating the game came to me a long time ago, but I had no free time to develop because studies in the physics department of Ural State University in Russia. And now i am graduate student and have enough time to development. Physics education gave me a sufficient level of knowledge of programming for further self-study. Armed with technical documentation, I started to translate my ideas into Games.

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  • Tsybasco form Russia

    The developer of mobile games

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  • Valiprod form France

    Valiprod is a young international start-up specializing in mobile app development. We've got an app for every taste and age. We don't agree to any limits but praise versatility. Thanks to our international team, we are able to launch our apps in various languages, French and English being the two main ones.

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  • Steampunk Wizards form Malta

    Steampunk Wizards is an independent game, gaming, entertainment service and technology company based in Malta.

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  • Leaking Studio form

    Awesome games for awesome people!

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  • Beardroid form France

    Beardroid is an indie game studio creating marvellous mobile games: See our last one "Passage" : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.beardroid.passage&hl=en

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  • indivedual form Pakistan

    i am Mobile and Game Developer in Android and unity

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