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by Let's Nurture

  • Revita5
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  • Revita5
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REVITA5 is a health and fitness tracking application developed by Let's Nurture that leverages the power of Heart Rate Variability to reduce stress, transform your body & REVITAlize your life.


- Visually enriched dashboard that enhances the User Experience
- Daily Surveys for maintaining normal Heart Rate Variability
- Scan and Get Data from the Bluetooth Device
- Notify Friends, Family and Doctors via SMS while taking a Reading
- Counts Steps & Mileage via Apple’s HealthKit
- Get Vitality Score and Save to Chart


- iOS 8.0 and later, compatible with the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch 2nd Generation and later
- REVITA5 compatible Bluetooth Smart Chest Strap (included with program purchase)
- iOS8 enabled
- Bluetooth enabled
- Daily Alarms that keep you motivated and accountable
- Daily Surveys that track sleep, food, mood, and training load so you can have a deeper understanding of what causes your HRV to rise and fall
- Social Sharing features that allow you to instantly broadcast your REVITA5 Scores and Workout Data
- Visually enriched dashboard that gives you a fuller picture of your health, fitness and wellness.


- Without the Bluetooth HR Sensor or strap you will NOT have access to the Heart Rate Variability Assessment, Heart Rate Monitor, and Chart functions in the app.
- Upon purchase of the REVITA5, you will receive a REVITA5 App Code in an email from REVITA5. Use the REVITA5 App Code at the time of registration.
- The REVITA5 app has integrated Apple’s Health app and imports Steps & Mileage via Apple's HealthKit. You can reference all your data in the REVITA5 Log.

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