If you’re moving for the first time, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with a ton of things you have to do. After all, not only do you have to pack, transport, and unpack your things - but you also have to fix interior design and placement, submit your documents, and even fix your schedule with work on school. As such, just thinking about your move can be pretty intense. However, just because you’re moving doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be extremely stressed. Rather, you can actually manage all of your moving needs from the comfort of your own smartphone. If you’re curious as to how your smartphone can help your moving experience, here are some moving apps you can use:

  • Wunderlist (iOS, Android) enables you to plan your entire moving process on the palm of your hand. Instead of creating an entire document to edit, Wunderlist allows you to create tasks within folders with their own tags, notes, due dates, reminders, and even ability to share them with your family and friends. As such, thanks to the sync ability of Wunderlist, you and your family can simultaneously make adjustments to your moving plans and schedules - such as you calling moving companies, and your other family members making sure they start packing their things. Moreover, you can assign tasks to everyone in the household and make sure they don’t forget them thanks to the Wunderlist app.

  • Sortly (iOS, Android) allows you to make a handy inventory without having to create formats and templates from scratch. Instead of starting with a blank spreadsheet, Sortly allows you to organize your inventory quickly and efficiently. Aside from making a moving checklist, you can create labels that you can scan with the app, allowing you to check your packages’ contents without having to open them. This makes the sorting and the moving process much more efficient.

  • Letgo (iOS, Android) can help you greatly when it comes to inventory management, as it lets you make use of items you want to sell or throw away from your inventory. Thanks to Letgo, you can join a community of interested buyers and sellers so you instantly have a place to make your online garage sale. Unlike other shopping apps, a lot of movers prefer Letgo thanks to it’s easy-to-use interface, allowing you to just post items you want for sale and respond to inquiries as soon as they start arriving on your phone.

  • TaskRabbit (iOS, Android) allows you to conquer your moving woes with the power of freelancing. Instead of wasting money on hiring other services that will only work with you on minor tasks, you can ask people with the same skill set to work for you. With TaskRabbit, you can make a list of small tasks such as cleaning, painting, or patching up holes that other people in the neighborhood can help you with. Aside from being a more affordable option than hiring a service that will only work with you for a few hours, you can save that money for your movers and other essential services.

  • MoveAdvisor (iOS, Android) is a handy all-in-one tool specifically designed to help you manage all your moving needs within a single app. Instead of using separate apps for your schedule, notes, and tasks, you can use MoveAdvisor to manage all of them for you. Aside from having a home inventory feature, you can have a reliable moving timeline, a way to make quotations for your move, and a tool to look for movers NYC.

First Move: Pull It Off With Your Smartphone!

Thanks to the apps above, you may soon realize that you can take complete control of your house move just by using a few apps on your phone. It’s important to remember that when it comes to house moves, you don’t always have to do the heavy-lifting - figuratively and literally. Sometimes, your smartphone can be your best ally in these situations, as their handy nature makes it much easier for you to do tasks online and over the cloud, making sure you can focus on packing your stuff at home while your phone handles your calls and schedules.