What is a Web Application?

An application in computer science is a program used to perform tasks on computers. An application that uses internet browsers and technology to perform commanded tasks is referred to as a web application. Web development work is spreading, and many software and application designing companies are inventing sophisticated websites that can perform carry out various tasks within a short time. The invention of technology seems to be advancing, and many users are adapting to the use of the cloud. Several benefits come with web application and software systems that make companies and users drawn to the technology. Examples of these web applications are;

  • Video and photo editing
  • File conversion
  • Email programs
  • Spreadsheet, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel

Some of these applications are popular like Microsoft Word and are used worldwide.

Uses of Web Application and Systems

Web applications have become popular as they can be used to conduct business and perform various tasks. For instance, a business manager can use this application to monitor the employees' performance remotely by accessing records. It makes it easier to manage the workflow of a business hence ensuring a smooth running of events. Examples of web applications designed for this purpose are CRM-systems for managing multiple data sets and interactive internet portals used by companies. Some of these applications have back-end systems that aid in managing inventories, give orders, and supply processes within the company website.

Another essential use for these applications is in communication. The use of web applications like Gmail and Yahoo plays a critical role in institution communication. Without these digitalised means of communication, it would be challenging for employees and managers to communicate and disseminate information to the employees. People can arrange business meetings and pass information using Gmail while at home.

These applications are also used to conduct online meetings. People from different geographical locations can connect using website apps and software applications and attend a business meeting.

Benefits of web applications

Many people are shifting from desktop systems to web applications for various reasons. Some of these reasons are;

1. Web applications are easy to access and saves on disc space

Web applications can be accessed anywhere using any device. It is better than desktop software, which can be accessed from only one terminal. For instance, anyone can log into their Gmail accounts from any computer as long as it has an internet connection. The only issue that might arise is incompatibility, which programmers and computer scientists have done their best to eliminate. These applications can be run on many platforms since most of the browsers are compatible. Also, the use of clouds to store information aids with data backup, thus save on space. There is no need to keep data in hard drives that occupy space.

2. Web applications are cost-effective

There is no need to create several versions of the program since anyone can access it from the net. Updating the software is less challenging, thus costing less than many companies spend on updating desktop software. An updated desktop software needs to be installed into all computers in a company which takes time and resources to accomplish. When using software applications, the updates can be uploaded into the internet then downloaded from the browsers.

3. Internet flexibility

Web apps make it possible for people to have home offices. Managers can monitor work from home using their computers, thanks to web applications. If provided with an internet connection, there is no need to be confined to an office when one can manage a company on their laptop when on vacation. The same extends to employees. They do not need to carry files and hard drives home because of web applications. The access company websites and portals and continue with their work when at home.

4. Security

Although web applications can be accessed using any computer connected to the internet, they are safe if well protected. Gmail accounts and other web applications with sensitive applications are secured with password and verification code programs. In case of any security threats, updates can be done and installed within a short time compared to desktop applications.


Web applications have proved quite useful. They increase security and also grant more access to resources from any geographical location. Many can now work from the comforts of their homes, thanks to web applications. Even though the operations of these web applications need a little knowledge about programming to know how to manoeuvre them properly, they are made simple so that many can use them. One can apply c# to write to existing excel files in the office to help analyze data. The knowledge of C programming would add additional skills to utilizing these web applications. The skills and experience would benefit a manager or employees on using these web applications to their benefits.