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Ant smasher : kids games

Ant smasher : kids games

by zebec network

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  • Ant smasher : kids games
  • Ant smasher : kids games
  • Ant smasher : kids games
  • Ant smasher : kids games

In this Ant smasher : kids games, ants and bugs are moving on a wooden board and you have to smash them with your finger, if any ant crossed the board you will lose a life of bug smasher. Every mission in Ant smasher : kids games has different ant smash targets, in some levels you have to smash ants only and save others while in some missions you have to smash different one. This ant smash game challenges your searching skills and boost your focus.
Ant smasher : kids games has more than 100 levels that will let you play this ant smash game for long time. You can play this Ant smasher : kids games in office, free times, and waiting for your train at station. The more you play this bug smasher game the more you will get addicted to this bug smasher game and gradually you will improve your focus by simply killing the given targets of insect smasher.
Ant smasher : kids games has many insects and in each level you have to focus on your given ant smash targets and try to save other insects. In Ant smasher : kids games more than three killing other than targets will lead you towards mission failure.
Three options are given during game play of Ant smasher : kids games. One is for live, you can get a life after every 30 seconds. Second option is Instant bug smasher button, when you click on this button all the target on the screen will be killed instantly. Third option is for pausing the targets, when you press this button all the targets on the bug smasher screen will be paused and you can easily smash targets.
This ant smash game is really a fun to play for everyone. Different target makes this ant smash game more challenging and addictive. You have to save all the insects other than targets and if you mistakenly kill any insect other than the targets you will lose a life.
Play this amazing ant smash game with your friends and kids and score higher to challenge them to break the high score.
This insect smasher game is best for kids because it can active your mind and in this game you have to take quick actions.
How To Play Ant Smasher Game:
- Open Insect Smasher Game.
- Tab “Play Button”.
- Look at your targets to smash and remember others to save.
- Tab on the targets to smash.
- Save other insects.
- Don’t let the targets cross the board.

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