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Girl Become a Rockstar : Model Success Story

01 Jan 2022 Game Of The Day

Girl Become a Rockstar : Model Success Story

by GameiMake

  • Girl Become a Rockstar : Model Success Story
  • Girl Become a Rockstar : Model Success Story
  • Girl Become a Rockstar : Model Success Story
  • Girl Become a Rockstar : Model Success Story
  • Girl Become a Rockstar : Model Success Story

Live the dream to be a rock star and become a mega music idol with an awesome band. Put on a huge show in front of your fans. Here, GameiMake present a rocking "Girl Become Rockstar: Model Success Story" game. This life story is about Julia and her journey to fulfill her dream. Julia takes part in the college singing competition because she loves to sing. It's her passion. During a singing competition, Julia meets the band manager and who provides a golden opportunity to work with him in a band. Now, Julia is fully prepared for an audition and going for it. She is very nervous about her first performance. So can you help her in this Model Success Story game? Oh..Julia rocked her performance and got selected. Manager asked Julia to be a lead female singer in his band and he also suggested her to take part in world singing competition. 

Before this big performance, someone is planning to make her loose the competition. Who is that person? And how that person is going to stop Julia from going to the show? By Kidnaping her Or What? And what about her dream to be the best singer in the world?

To know the twist of the story, play this amazing inspiring game of Rockstar Julia's life and enjoy her journey.

Key Features of Rockstar Success Story Game:

- Prepare your own music for an audition
- Fix the studio instruments 
- Live the life of a superstar
- Get ready for the live show
- Experience journey of Rockstar girl
- A conversation between Julia and band producer
- Rescue a girl 
- Awesome photo-shoot at the swimming pool
- Enjoy heart touching love story of rock star girl
- Kissing Prank at outside home

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