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Tap2Crack Screen Prank

Tap2Crack Screen Prank

by tekxperiastudios publish

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  • Tap2Crack Screen Prank
  • Tap2Crack Screen Prank
  • Tap2Crack Screen Prank
  • Tap2Crack Screen Prank
  • Tap2Crack Screen Prank

Perfect way to make fun your friends and family with this amazing prank app.

APP helps you in making fun by giving you feel of real tap to beat score. So when you will playing to beat the top score, crank screen will appear and all buttons will be disable. To make it more real, when user will press back button, crack screen will also appear on home screen which will disappear on pressing back button

How to Start Prank:
1- Enter your details 
First set your name, Highest score and Time to give your friends and family feelings that they are going to play real game to beat your score.
2- Countdown 
Let them play and let the countdown begins.
3- Crack Prank 
When they will tap fast to beat your score in 30 seconds, crack screen prank will appear randomly between tap counter 10-20 with crack sound
4- Fun 
Make Fun and have Fun.

Note: It is just simulated app for fun and it doesn't harm your phone.

Internet Permission:
Internet permission is only to show add.

Have a fun.

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