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by Stanislav Kryvenko

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Play in addictive arcade game! Fly through infinite sky, go to space and beat a highest score in new retro game Terrasky!

Terrasky is a pixel art game made for playing fast in any place and time. The game has own leaderboard system and it will be easy to put your score and be the best!
Call your friends and look who is the best in this game!

Tap to play
For playing the game all you need is to tap on screen at a moment when a block is on the superheroes way. For every block you pass you will be awarded a point. Score the highest you can.

Catch snails - each one gives you different abilities for moving forward! You can recognize them by color.
Red - hides 5 blocks
Yellow - slows speed of moving for 5 seconds
Green - adds to your score 5 points
Pink - gives your hero superspeed for 5 seconds

You can add your instagram name in leaderboard and anyone else will be able to open your profile from our leaderboard!

-  Retro styled game
-  Infinite sky that goes to space
-  Different backgrounds
-  Showing your instagram page in leaderboard
-  Sharing to popular social networks
-  Interactive items like snails
-  Time-killer game

Note: it could be difficult at the beginning.

Terrasky is free but it has ads that you can optionally remove by making in-app purchase.

Superhero is waiting for you! Download Terrasky now and start flying!

Website: https://vowela.com
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/VowelA
Privacy policy: https://vowela.com/privacypolicy.pdf

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