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Walking Zombie Shooting Game

10 Jan 2024 Game Of The Day

Walking Zombie Shooting Game

by Ciphers Realm

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  • Walking Zombie Shooting Game
  • Walking Zombie Shooting Game
  • Walking Zombie Shooting Game
  • Walking Zombie Shooting Game
  • Walking Zombie Shooting Game
  • Walking Zombie Shooting Game
  • Walking Zombie Shooting Game

The walking zombie singleplayer offline shooter polygon graphic with RPG element


You were born in a world that has been taken over by zombies. You have to fight for your survival and face different kinds of undead, bandits, and powerful bosses in this walking zombie shooting game. This is a free mobile game that combines FPS and RPG elements. You can play it offline, without an internet connection. You will follow the main story and many side quests, improve your skills and perks, buy and sell gear, and interact with other survivors.


This walking zombie shooting game has a classic fps gameplay with a compelling story, dozens of quests, and a lot of shooting action with various weapons. You can use guns with different types of ammo, grenades, or melee weapons to kill your enemies. You can also heal yourself with medkits and food. As you progress through the game, you will become stronger with better equipment, enhanced skills, and gained perks. You can choose how to improve your character, such as increasing your health, your lockpicking ability, or your fuel efficiency while driving on the world map. How will you cope with the zombie apocalypse?


Walking zombie shooting game features

• a post-apocalyptic fps game with a single-player mode

• a modern polygon graphics style that creates an immersive atmosphere

• a variety of weapons, armor, and other items to help you survive

• an offline game that you can play without an internet connection

• different types of enemies, such as zombie walkers, bandits, and huge boss mutants


In this walking zombie shooting game, you are the chosen one who has a tragic past. Can you find happiness in this bleak world? You are the only one who is immune to the virus that turns people and animals into zombies. That makes you a perfect weapon against the zombie lords and a symbol of hope for a better future. With the help of your friends, you will discover the truth about your origin and look for a way to create a cure, despite the dangers that lurk around every corner.


We are constantly working on new content for this walking zombie shooting game. We will add more story arcs where you explore this zombie-infested world and try to make it a better place to live. We will also introduce new mechanics that allow you to craft things for your survival, such as gas and ammo, in the houses that you own. Moreover, you will have to deal with not only the dead, but also the living, who may be hostile to you, such as bandits, corrupt politicians, cultists, gangs, etc. The zombie age is not over yet, but you have the tools to fight it!

Ciphers Realm

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